PS150Q has been recognized as a NYC DOE Showcase School. This year, only 46 New York City public schools have been awarded this honor. The Showcase Schools program fosters community, collaboration, and constant learning among New York City educators. It is designed to recognize, celebrate, and share promising practices across New York City Department of Education schools. Showcase Schools promote collaboration by hosting three visits throughout the school year, in which any interested NYC DOE educator may attend. To learn more about Showcase Schools you may click here.

Main Building
PS150Q’s Main Building is located on 40-01 43rd Avenue, Sunnyside NY 11104.
First through sixth grade children attend classes at this location. We currently have 1100 enrolled students. In addition to a playground in our school yard, we have a school garden, an auditorium, a dance studio, technology room, drama room, art room, and science lab. The school is ADA compliant.

PS150Q’s Annex is located on 41-12 44th Street, Sunnyside NY 11104.
Pre-K and Kindergarten attend classes at this location. The Annex, also known as the Early Childhood Education Center, has its own cafeteria and playground. The Annex gives our younger children a more self-contained environment to help them transition to their new school. Throughout the school year, Kindergarten classes will visit the Main Building for performances and other events held there. Permission slips are required for field trips and whenever children leave the Annex during instructional time. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to help all of our students achieve at their highest level and potential by providing individualized instruction in a safe and nurturing environment. We also strive to develop student awareness of and respect for cultural diversity.

Our mission includes the following:

  • Promoting instruction aligned with Common Core Standards
  • Providing a wide range of academic programs and services to develop critical thinking to enhance civil and social skills;
  • Supporting a positive learning environment through the collaborative efforts of dedicated staff, involved parents, and a supportive community

Our instructional goals for the 2017-2018 school year include the following:

  • Increasing comprehension skills by conducting weekly shared/closed reading sessions.
  • Increasing writing stamina across grades by receiving monthly peer and teacher feedback.
  • Increasing students understanding in applying their math knowledge by collaboratively creating two math tasks/projects.
  • Increasing student engagement in 80% of our classrooms by conducting student-focused walkthroughs.
  • Increasing parent communication by having 80% of our parents sign up for Remind.

Please note: These goals were collaboratively developed by teachers. They are then presented to the School Leadership Team (SLT) where both teachers and parents reviewed and finalized them. You may review the 2017-2018 Comprehensive Educational plan (CEP) here .