Student Council Leadership Luncheon
In an effort to provide leadership training to a variety of students, Ms. Wine will be holding monthly luncheons with the student council.  Students bring their lunch. Dessert will be provided. Ms. Wine will be be providing them with personal growth and leadership opportunities. The students will engage in leadership games. They will also read, discuss and complete tasks. In subsequent months, students will be allowed to bring a friend or peer to these luncheons. This will allow other students to connect with our student council and extend the leadership training to other students.

The first luncheon was held on December 6th, 2016, Ms. Wine introduced the program and had the students set goals.
Commendation Card​ Exchange
Student volunteers helped Ms. Alvarez with the exchange of commendation cards.

This is part of our Positive Behavior Intervention (PBIS) program where our students get commendation cards for following expected behavior. They then have the opportunity to exchange the cards for prizes.

Showcase Visit

On November 30th, we had directors from the Department of Education, principals, assistant principals, coaches and teachers from others schools visiting us. They were learning about our peer observations and instructional best practices. At PS 150Q, our teachers learn from each other through peer observations.​

To learn more about this process, read an article from Education World. 

International Food Festival

Our annual international food festival was on November 17th. This year, it was a huge sucess. Ms. Cruz had students present several international dances. It was wonderful addition. We thank Ms. Cruz!

Parents and staff helped to serve the variety of dishes. The evening was full of international flavors.​

We thank all the volunteers who helped to make this event a great success.
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